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6 Powerful Reasons to Quit Your Job

6 Powerful Reasons to Quit Your JobIn any job, there will be things you need to put up with. Personality differences, questionable lunch choices in an open-plan cubicle environment, the coworker who clips his nails at his deskall are things that likely need to be endured (or at least ignored) in the interest of workplace harmony. However, there are definitely some serious workplace issues where you shouldnt adopt the suck it up policy. googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display(div-gpt-ad-1467144145037-0) ) Here are 6 powerful reasons you should quit your job.1. Being asked to do something morally or ethically wrongWe all have core personal morals and values, no matter what job were doing. If your job asks you to do something you know is wrong, or that you believe to be wrong, this is notlage a job you should keep. The request may be something small, something you could push through and look the other way, but that small thing could grow into a larger ask or a series of request s that make you feel uncomfortable. Very few jobs are worth having panic attackseven fewer are worth sacrificing your core values.2. Being asked to do anything illegalThis is even less of a gray area. Its not just you thinking this is wrong, its the law. In real life, illegal activity isnt always caught like it is in the Hollywood-ized versionbut if your company (or your boss) is ever caught and scrutinized, do you really want to be the one holding the bag? I was just doing my job sounds awfully weak in court, so why put yourself in that position? If your job is asking you to do things that are illegal, that opens up a whole host of consequences that you need to consider carefully. Unless youre ready to absprache with those consequences, its time to hand in your notice.3. Harassment or bullyingBullying is something that happens only in kids lives, right? Surely professional adults would never stoop to that kind of behavior. Sadly, no. Verbal abuse is never okay, whether its from sen ior employees to junior ones, or colleagues who think its funny to belittle others. Basically, you should never be made to feel uncomfortable in a work situationand if you are, its okay to speak up and say so. All of you are professionals, and deserving of respectno matter if youre the CEO or the assistant. You shouldnt assume by default that youre just being thin-skinned menschenfreundlich Resource departments are trained in how to handle situations like this effectively and discreetly. If that doesnt work and it becomes a pattern, its time to move on.4. Giving up a personal life.This is a pretty common refrain, cause its true no one gets to the end of a career and wishes that he or shed worked more hours instead of spending time with friends and family. Many jobs, especially ones outside the 9-to-5 template or ones that work on deadlines, make it challenging to balance work and personal life.If you find that your personal life is being crowded out altogether due to your long hours or answering emails 24/7, its definitely time for a priority re-evaluation. If you dont see the situation getting better, then dont wait for the Ghost of Christmas Past to come along and remind you of everything you missed by staying at your job. Start looking for a new job (or even a different career path) that works with your personal goals as well as your professional ones.5. Jobs that hurt you physicallyMost jobs are up front about physical demandsmust be able to lift 50 pounds or more, must be able to stand for hours at a time. If you find yourself performing physically demanding tasks that you didnt know you were signing on to do, you dont have to suck it up and pop painkillers to get through your day. Or even if you knew ahead of time, but youre less able to cope with the heavy lifting and standing than you used to be, its time to think hard about what youre doing. Your health is not worth losing for one job.6. Sexual harassmentThis can be one of the toughest dealbreakers to handle, because often its not the job itself that is the problemits a person in your workplace. Again, you should never be made to feel uncomfortable at work. However, in reality, identifying it and doing something about it can turn into a complicated mess of he said/she said, and the person reporting it can be made to feel like theyd have negative career repercussions for doing so. If someone at your job (any gender, any seniority level) is making you feel uncomfortable by making inappropriate comments or advances, thats just not acceptable. The stress of the situation may well undo any positive career progress youd get by staying, so its important to take a serious look at other job options and opportunities. You should never, ever feel obligated to stay in a role where youre treated so unprofessionally. And more importantly, you should never feel like you need to hide it and keep going for the sake of the job.There are always other jobs out there. That can be tough to imagine in a tight job market, but a job that asks you to violate any number of personal boundaries is likely not a job that would make you proud and fulfilled later on in your career. Sometimes its best to walk away, with your best self intact, and search for the next opportunity.

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Three Lessons from Three Internships in One Year

Three Lessons from Three Internships in One Year Three Lessons from Three Internships in One YearThis is a guest post by Meredith Whyefor Student Stories.Thats right, three internships between May 2013 and May 2014.My internship career started off high up in the Rocky Mountains, working for a summer camp as its media intern. After that, a small campus nonprofit recruited me for PR and social media work and I eventually became its student director. Later on, I applied to a local Internet absatzwirtschaft agency on a whim and welches offered a position.These internships were all equally good and bad in a variety of ways. They gave valuable work experience, but more importantly, they taught me lessons.One thing I learned from them welches to own up to my mistakes so here they are three lessons I learned from multiple internships in my last year of academia.1. Get out of your comfort zoneWhat a clich lesson but seriously, its important. Working at the summer camp, I was surrounded by hap py children and hilarious camp counselors. However, I rarely participated in camp games or activities because I felt like I didnt belong. I was just the girl in the background with the camera.That was probably my biggest regret of the internship. I wish I had stuck my neck out more and joined in the fun, instead of unternehmensverbund back. Otherwise, this internship was probably my best I was always neck-deep in workeither shooting pictures, blogging or editing videos or photos. I really immersed myself and got a great impression of what this type of work was like.In any internship, putting yourself out there is crucial. Sometimes its scary, especially if youre shy at first like me, but ultimately rewarding. With internships, its important to show your boss and co-workers that youre leid afraid to join the company culture (whether that culture be an arbeitszimmer or summer camp full of children).2. If youre going to bail, bail earlyAt my internship with the nonprofit, I loved the c ause and people we worked with. I was passionate about creating outreach opportunities and educating others about what we were doing.I did not, however, like my boss. He gave me an authority position in the nonprofit as student director but rarely let me have any control or say in decisions. I felt like I was always on unstable ground with him.When I finally got the nerve to quit, I was eyebrows deep in my job. I had contacts, an office and a marketing contract with a client. I would lose them all by quitting. I should have decided to leave when I first got the gut feeling of uncertainty.Instead, I stayed because I couldnt pull off the metaphorical band-aid. The relief I felt, however, when I finally quick was worth it.Bailing early applies to any internship or job, honestly. If you feel like you shouldnt be there, consider leaving rather than sticking it out. I assume anyone reading this is young, so get up and do it Dont waste time with an awful boss or work environment.That being saidhave a backup plan. I made my mind up to quit on a certain date and started looking for other jobs. I had a job interview the day after I quit and was offered a position a week later. Quitting can be exhilarating and very scary, but having a backup makes it less uncertain.3. If youre not passionate, dont do itThe job I was offered lead into my next internship, which may have been the most valuable. I came in excited the company seemed like it had such a laid back and fun atmosphere. I was pumped to finally work in an agency, not a small organization where I was literally the whole marketing department. Instead, I ended up doing almost nothing I was passionate about.The agency wanted me write blogs and marketing werkstoffs about construction, a.k.a the driest material in the world. Plus they only gave me one blog post a day, which went by quickly in an eight-hour workday.Dont get it twistedI love to write. But I cant force myself to write about something I dont have my heart and soul in. The feeling of unhappiness escalated. I knew I was frustrated with the lack of real work and my boss obviously sensed it toocalling me while I was on spring break in Vegas. Hearing him say, You just dont seem passionate about what we do here, was a relief to me.He was right. I wasnt passionate about construction and never will be. It felt empowering to be able to realize that and walk away happy.Overall, if you are stuck doing something that doesnt feel right to you, and it isnt giving you what you want, speak up. I wish I had said I wasnt happy earlier. If you are only getting coffee or writing bland blog posts in your internship, speak up or look for other opportunities.All of my internships, while not always an ideal situation, let me tailor my needs. I realized what makes me happy, what I am interested in doing. My internships have all led to me to where I am nowabout to graduate and move to Sydney, Australia for a job.Make sure your internship fit your needs, dont jus t take whatever you can get and settle.About the AuthorMeredith Whye is about to graduate with a degree in PR Marketing. Shes worked with everyone from mom pop stores to Fortune 500 companies. She is currently preparing to move to Sydney, Australia after graduation. She doesnt use Twitter, but check out her site

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What You Should Do to Find Out About Writing an Internship in Your Resume Before Youre Left Behind

What You Should Do to Find Out About Writing an Internship in Your Resume Before Youre Left Behind As you will probably have little if any expert experience, dont hesitate to fill your education section with a plethora of information. Moreover, you might want to incorporate any appropriate experience youve gained while pursuing your hobbies or private interests. In the event youre considering submitting an application for an internship, but youre uncertain if a training course is directly for you, examine our surveys. An internship in your selected field can lead on a myriad of opportunities, so successfully getting an internship distributionspolitik may make a true difference to your future career. Writing a resume for an internship can be challenging, particularly if youre just starting to enter the professional world. A great internship resume is tailored especially for the job that you want. Purchasing an internship resume does not need to be hard. A professionally writ ten business internship resume can make a big difference, and its possible to purchase an internship resume online. For seniors, its often they feel that employers dont take their academics and internships seriously. Youll need a resume if youre searching for an internship and applying for the intern jobs. Today you are going to learn how to make a resume for internship in Google that is virtually certain to land you the job. The most essential part of an internship resume is making sure the abilities and experience you do have, though you might be very early in your career, are best for the job which you wish to do. On the flip side, if youre writing an advertising internship resume, then youre probably writing to an exact ruthless person whos very good with people in any kind of situation. A customized internship resume can help you to increase your head over the rest at a time when only the resumes are being considered, which will aid you to receive a head start. Finding an internship is an excellent means to test different fields, discover new jobs you may be interested in, or gain valuable knowledge in your areas of interest. Top Writing an Internship in Your Resume Choices For example, if youre writing a cover letter for internship in university, attempt to learn the name of the individual who will be reviewing the submitted documents as such approach will improve your odds to be accepted. An applicant may also send a specific letter in the fine envelope. If youre asking for an internship, you will probably have to submit a cover letter as a portion of your application. In order to make the ideal application, one should remind himself the role of writing it.

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More Amazing Interview Mistakes from (Dont Be) Dave

More Amazing Interview Mistakes from (Dont Be) DaveInterview Mistakes from Dont Be DaveMore Amazing Interview Mistakes from (Dont Be) DaveThe latest installment ofs Dont Be Dave video series, Daves Amazing First Impression, is an object lesson in how to say and do all the wrong things when youre meeting someone for the first time. Its clear that hapless job seeker Dave Hetherington didnt learn much from his recent video resume debacle.As career expert Barbara Safani pointed out in an AOL Jobs blog post about Dave, interviews are a lot like first dates, and Dave makes at least eight classic mistakes in his. Its hard to pinpoint which of Daves many faux pas takes the cake. His remarks about the womans appearance are totally inappropriate, but it seems his propensity for over-sharing is what really gets him in trouble. Did he really need to share the fact that hes completely focused on money right now, because he owes a huge gambling debt to a guy in Philadelphia?Fortunately, Daves loss is your gain. If you watch what Dave does and consistently do the opposite, youll make a great first impression, whether youre on a first date or a job interview.

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ASME to Recognize James Thomas at the 2015 Honors Assembly

ASME to Recognize James Thomas at the 2015 Honors Assembly ASME to Recognize James Thomas at the 2015 Honors Assembly ASME to Recognize James Thomas at the 2015 Honors AssemblyJames A. Thomas, president of the standards organization ASTM International, will be honored by ASME at the 2015 Honors Assembly for his outstanding work in standards development. Thomas is among nine engineering innovators who will be recognized during the ceremony, to be held Nov. 16 during the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition in Houston, Texas.Thomas will receive the ASME Melvin R. Green Codes and Standards Medal, which honors the memory and extraordinary contributions of Melvin R. Green, a devoted supporter of industrial standards and a longtime ASME employee. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to the development, promulgation or management of documents, objects or devices used in ASME programs of technical codification, standardization and conformity assessment. Thomas is being recognized for his extraordinary leadership, and achievements on multiple fronts, to ensure voluntary consensus standards developed by ASTM and ASME continue to be afforded ritterlich treatment as international standards under the World Trade Organizations Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement. His efforts have helped facilitate the ability for national regulatory authorities and global industries to select ASME standards as their standard of choice. During his more than 40-year career with ASTM, Thomas has contributed to the development and delivery of international voluntary consensus standards to improve product quality, enhance safety, facilitate market access and trade, and foster consumer confidence. Although he joined ASTM International in 1972 without a background in standards and only two years of college, Thomas went on to earn a bachelors degree in industrial relations from La Salle University in Philadelphia with the assistance of ASTMs tuition reimbursem ent program. He progressed through the ranks of the organization, from staff manager in the standards development division, to vice president of standards development, and eventually to the position of executive vice president in 1987. Two years after receiving a masters degree in organization and management from La Salle, Thomas was named president of ASTM in 1992. In this role, he worked diligently to establish ASTM and other major U.S. based standards organizations as a major force within the international standards community.The ASME Foundation is the proud supporter of the ASME Honors and Awards program through the management of award endowment funds set up by individuals, corporations or groups. For more information on the special events scheduled to take place at the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, visit

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5 Worlds Poorest Countries

5 Worlds Poorest Countries5 Worlds Poorest CountriesThis list is based on a level of poverty, hunger and other factors. Countries mentioned below are the toughest to live in and its residents have serious problems to live from one day to another.5. LiberiaThis country is located at the west of Africa continent. It is surrounded by Sierra Leone from west, Guinea from north and Ivory Coast from east. Liberias population is around 4 million people and its nationalstaatal language is English. Liberia used to be colonised in 1822 by American Colonisation Society.Liberias poverty is caused by its 14-year civil war. This war officially ended in 2003 and the country is leise not fully recovered. Crime rate is sky high, rapes and murders happen too often. Around 80% of Liberias population lives from $1.25 a day, which makes more than a half of the population food-insecure.4. NigerNiger is the biggest country of Western Africa, although 80% of its area is covered by Sahara desert. It has popul ation over 17 million people with mostly Islamic religion.52% of Nigerians are under 15 years of age and 84% live in rural areas. Its economy depends mostly on agriculture, even though Nigerian government receives money from extraction of uranium, gold and oil as well. Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world with less than $2 a day for its residents.3. Central African RepublicCAR is bordered by Chad, Sudan,South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Republic of Congo. Its population is estimated around 5 million. In the late 19th century, CAR was colonised by France until the 1960. After that it was ruled by several autocratic leaders. In 1993 CAR had the first democratic elections, but it lead to wars between muslim and christian religions.War had caused mass displacement of population and contributed to economical and political crisis in this country. Despite its rich deposits of gold, uranium and oil CARs economy struggles and brings its country to poverty, hunger an d other significant problems.2. BurundiThis small landlocked country is sometimes considered as a part of Central Africa. It is surrounded by Rwanda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Although this country is landlocked, it has a significant water source on its southwest thanks to the Lake Tanganyika. Burundi was colonised by Germany, but after the WW I it became one of the Belgiums colonies.Burundi has the lowest per capita GDPs of any nation in the world. Suffering from war, poor education and corruption, it has high emigration level, since young people try to find opportunities elsewhere. According to Global Hunger Index, this country is the hungriest nation in the world.1.MalawiThis country is nicknamed The Warm Heart of Africa. It is located in south east of Africa continent. It is bordered by Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. The country has access to the Lake Malawi on the northeast. It is one of the smallest countries in Africa, ? of this nation is occupied by La ke Malawi. Population of this nation is roughly 17 million.Malawis economy is heavily based on agriculture, with a largely rural population. This country has high rate of HIV/AIDS infected population, which is related to high rate of infant mortality and low life expectancy.Source ruralpovertyportal.orgShare Your Feedback or Ideas in the Comments

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Customize this Outstanding Accounting Manager Resume 3

Customize this Outstanding Accounting Manager Resume 3Customize this Outstanding Accounting Manager Resume 3Sample Accounting Manager ResumeCreate Resume EXPERIENCEAccounting Manager-Cardiovascular Biotherapeutics Inc, Las Vegas, NV03/05-CurrentSEC ReportingPrepares and files periodic reports (10-Q, 10-K, 8-K, etc) with the SECPrepare and write the Managements Discussion and Analysis of results of operations and financial condition (MDA) including footnotes.Prepare quarterly and annual financial statements balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, and related footnotes and supporting materials including fixed assets, in accordance with GAAP and SEC rules and regulationsPreparation of financial statements, other financial schedules and supporting schedules needed to file proxies and registration statements with the SEC Day-to-Day AccountingSupervising and managing an accounting department that currently includes six employees and is expected to grow. Ensure the proper and conti nuous flow of day to day activities including month-end close, journal entries, account reconciliation and analysis for various balance sheet and income statement accounts and bank reconciliations.Review non-routine journal entries.Perform and review employees and consultants payroll and oversee the issuance of 1099/1042 forms at the year-end.Liaise with the legal department for the stock options/warrants issued and monitor the financial implications of employee/consultant agreements, benefit plans and stock option grants. Perform the FAS123(R) calculation on the stock options/warrants for stock compensation reporting. Debt Covenants Provide on monthly basis financial information and supporting schedules needed to complete compliance analyses of the companys various debt covenants.Calculate the monthly interest on the notes to be paid in cash/shares on a quarterly basis. Perform the FAS133 derivative calculation on the notes converted, interest payments made and options exercised by non employeesInternal Management Reporting and Budgeting Ensures timely preparation of management reports for month-end close and include recommendations regarding findings to the companys management Perform accounting financial objectives by forecasting requirements preparing an annual budget scheduling expenditures analyzing variances and initiating corrective actions Internal Controls Responsible for maintaining a ordnungsprinzip of internal controls that is Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.Interface directly with the companys audit committee regarding financial reporting, governance and internal control matters.Monitor and maintain the internal controls of the accounting system to ensure that the financial position of the company is properly reflected. Monitor accounting department policies and procedures and recommend improvements.Other dutiesSuccessfully converted general ledger system from QuickBooks to Net suite Accounting, entirely redesigned accounting system with budgeting units , reporting formats, and controls. Senior Accountant Metrocities Mortgage Inc, Sherman Oaks, CA11/02-03/05Reconciliation/preparation of the branches financial statements ABAs (Affiliated Business Arrangements) on a monthly basis and consolidate them at the year end.Responsibilities included preparation of the monthly PL and forecasts, monthly flash reports, quarterly forecasts and annual plans.Analyzed and researched the expense variance on a monthly basis for each geschftliches miteinander unit/branches, reviewed unusual cost records and ensured the cost data is allocated correctly. Also assisted in performing monthly analysis of corporate inter-company balances. Reconciled detailed general ledger accounts in relation to the individual profit-centers and reconciled Members Capital, Partnership Distribution and Income Distribution against the general ledger.Analyzed and prepared the indirect cost expense on a monthly basis for each business unit, branches and corporate.Proactively interacted with various departments throughout the organization (including the Lending and Deposits dept.) to provide information necessary to assist in their decision-making processes.Staff Accountant Sunwest Mortgage Inc, Cerritos, CA04/00-10/02 Duties included preparation of monthly financial statements for the corporate the branches.Oversee monthly general ledger management, e.g., reviewed bank reconciliation, sub ledger reconciliation and other monthly closing procedures including inter-company balance reconciliation and month end closing entries.Other duties included preparing journal entries for commissions accruals, rent allocation appraisal expenses accruals, reclasses of income expenses. Reconciled inventory count data from the warehouse team versus inventory data from the accounting system. Performed inventory discrepancy analysis and ensured proper processes are in place to protect risk exposure.Managed daily cash flow forecasts. Coordinated with accounts payable and the cash management group to determine the needs and availability of cash. Functioned as the liaison between the organization and financial institutions.Accounting Associate Computer Resolutions, Lakewood, CA04/99-03/00Responsible for the timely issuance of the companys monthly and year-end financial statements to the management, lending institution and other specific vendors.Duties included handling accounts receivables/payables, daily bank deposits reconciliations and budget preparations.Accounts receivables payables included accounts reconciliation of customers/vendors, billing, collections maintenance of A/R A/P reports, processing expenses vendor payables.Other duties included cash management, monthly bank reconciliation, preparing of 1099s at year-endResponsible for assisting with wire transfers. This included vouchering and applying the manual wire payment in Quickbooks.Staff Accountant Prime Broking Company (India) Ltd, Bombay INDIA05/01-03/99Responsibilities includ ed preparation of financial statements and review of the general ledger for audit purpose.Meet deadlines included month, quarter and year end close duties, forecasting, budgeting, and sales tax reporting.Oversee the companys accounting operations, helped to implement systems to automate processes wherever possible. Supervised staff accountants to ensure the proper processes are being followed, journal entries posted are accurate by reviewing work and providing feedback to ensure the process is running efficiently.EDUCATIONPursuing MBA in Finance Devrys Keller Graduate School of Management (Class of 2008) BS in Accounting Finance University of Phoenix BS in Accounting Finance University of Bombay, INDIACertified Tax Preparer H R Block, California (1999-2002) Nevada State (2006)COMPUTER SKILLS Knowledge of Accounting packages such Net suite Accounting, JD Edwards, SBT Accounting QuickBooks, Data Track, Mortgage on line (MOL), Windows 2000 Microsoft Word, ExcelCustomize Resu me